Spring Show Promo ’23
The Randys – Larkin (Lyrics Video)
The Randys at Sky Saloon
Ruby Studio – Music Education Center
Hotel Horrors and Halos by Jeannie Gittens – Book Promo
Victim to Victory Interview: Tracey Cook + Lil Barcaski
Children’s Book Trailer – Need A Friend?
Author Reel: Yes Book Author Reel
Podcast Production: -Let Your Shit Out
Podcast Production: -Tea Time with Rebel Kate
Music Compositions and Management: The Randys
Lyric Video Creation – The Randys
Children’s Book Trailer – Josh’s Tree House

 Audiobook Engineering:

Warm Bodies:
Morgan City ’78

Sharon Simpson (Author), 
Lil Barcaski (Author), 
Jonathan Thornsberry (Narrator),
 GWN Publishing (Publisher)

delivered results.

We are very happy with Katelyn’s performance. She promised to deliver and has.
Efrat LaMandre Ph.D
Owner of EG Heath Care